American Metal Fabricators, Llc
American Metal Fabricators
specializes in the custom metal
fabrication of architectural metals for
casinos, hotels, restaurants and retail stores.
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American Metal Fabricators
Custom Metal Fabrication
American Made Products  From A Union Shop
Contractors License # 0070686
C14C - Ornamental
C14E - Metal Doors & Windows
C14H - Awnings & Louvres
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Las Vegas, Nevada  89118
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stainless steel fabrication
Our many years
of experience in
ornamental metals
such as aluminum,
brass bronze,copper,
stainless steel and
steel makes us a leader
in the metal industry.
Custom Metal Fabrication
We understand that
the success of a project
must begin with a thorough
comprehension of the material,
functionality, time frame and the
expectation of the client.  Every job is
assigned a Project Manager who
will transform you plans into a
custom metal product.
Metal Fabrication
(702) 795-2676
We can  perform all the aspects of  the
construction process from design to the
final installation. We hold ourselves to
the highest standard and will  give your
project the priority it deserves.
Brass Rails
We have the capability
to produce anything in
architectural metals of
aluminum,brass, bronze,
copper, stainless steel
and steel with diverse
equipment and highly
skilled metal craftsmen.
Mandalay Doors
(702) 795-2676
If your project needs
architectural metals you can rely on
American Metal to produce high quality products
in a timely manner which meet design and function.
Our custom metal products can
be seen in the major casinos, hotels and
retail stores in the Las Vegas area.